Group Visits and Specials

 Group Bookings

If you want to add a little magic to your group visit, you may want to consider including one of our special activities to your experience.

  • One Activity per group of 10 or more: $15pp
  • Activities must be pre-booked

Chose any one of the following activities below:

Migrant Women

An Englishwoman and an Irishwoman unpack the trunk in this new land. One woman has been here for some time, the other has just stepped off the ship. You’ll laugh out loud!

Unpacking the Trunk

Only one trunk per family was permitted for Fencible families making their way to NZ. You’ll be surprised how much can be squeezed into one small box – and there will be happy memories as you remember the things Grandma had at her house.

Butter Making Demonstration

Help or watch a costumed character make butter the 19th century way!

Textile Talk

Participants will be presented with a variety of clothing and other textiles from the 19th century. A costumed character will explain the history of the items.