School Visits

Call (09) 576 9506 (extn., 4) or email if you have any questions.


Due to the kindness of the Freemasons Charitable Trust we are able to offer a special 20% discount to schools who book a visit on the FIRST and LAST week of every term, plus any date in December.  Apply on booking.

The aim of the Village Education Department is to depict life in 19th Century New Zealand through a hands-on and interactive experience relevant to the 1840 to 1880 period. The Howick Historical Village offers a unique EOTC programme, highly educational and very relevant to many areas of the NZ curriculum. Encourage your children to come dressed for the visit. We find that dressing up enhances the educational experience. This can be achieved by adapting clothing already found at home! A minimum $200 per visit will be charged. Cancellation less than a week before the visit will incur a cancellation fee of $100.00. Students must bring their own lunch. Please do not bring preschoolers on school trips.

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Full Day Visit 10am – 2pm

3 x 45 min activities + self-guided tour = $9.00 per student


4 x 30 min activities + self-guided tour = $9.00 per student

One teacher per class is free. Supervising adults in the ratio of 1 : 10 students are also free. All other adults will be charged $10.00 per person. This applies to all bookings.

Half Day Visit 10am – 12 noon OR 12 noon – 2pm

1 hour activity + self-guided tour = $8.00


2 x 30 min activities + self-guided tour = $8.00 per student

ESOL students & Visiting Holiday Experience Providers

We welcome ESOL groups and visitors from other Holiday Programme Providers.

Entry + 2 activities + self-guided tour = $12 per person


Entry + 3 activities + self-guided tour = $15 per person

One teacher is free. Other supervising adults are $12 each. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required within 7 days of booking.


Payment can be made on the day by cheque, direct debit or you can chose to be invoiced.  Cheques should be made out to: The Howick & Districts Historical Society Inc.

Activity Demonstration

Butter making is one of our activities