Our Gardens by Rachel


A collection of over 2000 items predominantly relating to the period 1850-1920, including:

  • Dresses, bodices, skirts, shawls
  • Underwear and nightwear
  • Christening gowns
  • Bags, hats, shoes, gloves
  • Lace, lace collars
  • Bedcovers
  • Tray cloths, doilies, supper cloths, table cloths
  • Embroidery
  • Military uniforms

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Archives Consist of:

  • records of Fencible families
  • records of early settler families
  • photographs relating to our wider area and families
  • library of books relating to Auckland history and subjects relating to activities within the village
  • records and memorabilia of the area


A collection of 19th century paintings, of particular note numerous paintings of Captain Arthur Morrow.


19th century china, glass, decorative items, tools, household items, furniture.

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